There were still a lot of fanzines being produced in the late 80's, some better than others, but all with something positive to say about the music scene at the time.

The Custards appeared in several and the ones below were the best of them.



An excellent fanzine; written by Richard Coulthard. s

The Waaah! website is very good, with details about each issue, as well as the records Richard released on his Bring On Bull label. See product for details of the Custard track.


Big Muff



Another excellent fanzine, written by Neil Boyd.s

The Big Muff website is well worth a look. It contains details about each issue and downloads of all the songs released on his flexies.


Ego Bruising



Written by Clive Gabriel, Ego Bruising was a well put together fanzine with interviews with most of the bigger bands around at the time. And the Custards. s

No Ego Bruising website available at the moment.